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QuickBooks for Contractors: Why And When We Recommend It
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QuickBooks for Contractors: Why And When We Recommend It
what is best bookkeeping for construction company

A clear picture will help you invest in the best solution for your construction company. No, Microsoft Excel supports accounting processes like budgeting, cost control, or financial reports preparation. It can integrate with accounting systems, allowing the export and import of financial data. Yet, it cannot replace accounting software that offers integrated, complex, and advanced financial tools.

what is best bookkeeping for construction company

The biggest benefit of job cost accounting software is comparing estimated vs actual costs. This will let you monitor your financial performance in a job in real-time. Only software developed with the construction industry in mind will be able to handle both small and large jobs for your construction business. Many of the best accounting software for contractors programs allow users to integrate their existing systems. GnuCash is free, open-source accounting software designed for personal and small-business use.

Late Payment Fees

Whether a customer takes advantage of AccuBuild on-premises or via the cloud, the many construction accounting and management functions can be overwhelming to a new user. Nevertheless, users will find AccuBuild becomes increasingly intuitive with minimal use. The AccuBuild dashboard provides a function-based menu, real estate bookkeeping allowing project or construction managers to access accounting or management tools quickly. In-person training at additional cost is available from AccuBuild, as is online support during business hours. AccuBuild also offers monthly webinars on a variety of subjects to assist customers with continuous education.

  • There’s also a tool to let you manage your projects proactively, with comprehensive reporting tools and mobile implementation so you can meet client demands from anywhere you may happen to be.
  • Understandably, free options for construction accounting software are significantly limited in both availability and features.
  • Construction bookkeeping is a crucial part of running a construction business.
  • Each job incurs direct and indirect costs that may fall into a wide range of categories.

Daltek also offers in-person training for an additional cost and live online training, webinars, and extensive documentation. However, email and online support are only available during standard business hours. Construction Partner is a Windows-based application, so navigation by menus and tabs will be familiar to any user with minimal Windows experience.


Look no further than the FreshBooks accounting software’s Accounts Aging report. FreshBooks accounting software makes remittances painless by always knowing the sales taxes you’ve paid and collected in any period. FreshBooks accounting software allows you to set up a billing schedule to automatically charge your client’s credit card in seconds. This is why many construction companies have full-time bookkeepers on their payroll. It is useful when calculating overall project costs as it prevents any job costs from being missed.

  • Businesses that work in other provinces or even in the U.S. have additional costs to consider, such as tax payments.
  • Foundation Software is a fantastic tool for those in the construction sector.
  • This software was usually developed to be used by multiple industry types, and therefore doesn’t offer tips, tricks, or features unique to any one industry.
  • However, if you don’t have construction management software, look at how you manage your tasks.
  • Acumatica software enables users to centralize transactions and to view a company’s financial status in real-time.

Expense management – You need the ability to submit, process, and track expenses so that you have a better idea of where your company’s money is going. With the installment method, you only record revenue once you’ve received payment from the client. This means that you recognize income in the accounting period when it’s collected, and not at the time of sale. The main benefit of charging a client in milestone payments is that you don’t need to wait until you fully complete the job to get paid.

Pros and Cons of QB Contractor

They should also offer convenient and reliable customer service options. A small construction business may need to make daily trips to the local construction wholesale supplier for materials or hire extra staff for a specific project. A corporate construction company may keep a significant inventory supported by weekly deliveries or use independent contractors to fulfill some needs. Differences like this indicate no single accounting software is a good fit for every construction company. GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping, formerly known as Outright, is online tax software designed for small businesses.

BIS features four editions (i.e., Essential, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise), 18 modules, and up to 3,000+ variations of reports. Foundation Software is a platform focused on construction accounting that serves companies of all sizes. It contains a number of other helpful modules like project oversight, scheduling tools, executive dashboards, service dispatch and more.

How to choose the right construction bookkeeping software

These range from low-end solutions for small companies to large enterprise resource planning systems. There are also unique vendors for different trades and divisions—general contractors, heavy/civil, MEP etc. We wrote this guide to help make sense of this complicated marketplace. On top of having to respond to changes in material costs, project scope and labor, construction projects must take multiple types of expenses into account and assign them to jobs accordingly.

what is best bookkeeping for construction company

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